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JCPS Stakeholders Focus Group Meetings

The JCPS is in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan that will set up
the District’s priorities and goals for the next three years. The Steering
Committee has been working monthly to develop the vision and mission
statements and are now ready to get input from the stakeholders in our
school system.

Golden Sneaker Contest

This month we will be having the entire school participate in the Golden Sneaker Contest. This is our ninth year running the program. However, it is the very first time we've included the entire school. It is sponsored through the Hudson TMA (Transportation Management Association).

Basically the program encourages children to walk, and promotes healthier lifestyles and environmentally-sound values. Students in grades Pre-K through 5 will be given pedometers to take home after school, and track the number of steps they take. The next day, they return the pedometers, record their steps, and the next group gets a chance. It is very important for the pedometers to be returned the next day so that the next group of children may have an opportunity.

The contest will begin on Monday, May 16th and run till Thursday, May 19th. If for some reason you do not want your child to participate please let their homeroom teacher know by Friday May 13th.

Thank you so much for your continued support. We are excited and looking forward to this school wide event!

2021-22 JCPS World Language Poster Contest

PS #3 First Place, Grade 3-5
Teachers: Ms. Doloras DelPilar, Ms. Lina Pitrelli and Ms. Deborah Crosson
Students: Julia Brauer, Annalyse Caceres, Alice Cox, Arjun D'Souza, Noah Flores, Anthony Garcia, Emely Lema, Demilee Lowe, Aivah Matos, Melanie, Rojo, Weston Shandweiler, Edwin Tamayo, Alexander Veras, Mya Beato, Kamila Cando, Hana Cuthbertson, Luis DeDiego, Ashling Egar, Zachary Hristov, Sarah Lopez, Paige Loyd, Brianna Molina Espinosa, Katherine Russell, Sanya Smith and Vera Kasandra.
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