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Dress Down for Detective Seals

We are participating in a philanthropy opportunity to assist the family of fallen JCPD Detective Seals. He is truly a hero and words cannot begin to describe how sad we collectively feel for the 5 children and wife that he leaves behind. We are asking for a minimum donation of $1 per child that participates and $5 for staff. This event will live with each of us in our own way for the rest of our lives.

Our Science Fair Winner Projects

1st - Water, water, everywhere, nor a drop to drink. Dmitri Sobolev
2nd - Protect the Sea Wreck. Kalyani Daye
3rd - Is it Getting Hot in Here? Ayra Nicotra
Honorable Mention - Do Colors Matter? Angely Valdez
Honorable Mention - Germ Buster. Olivia Rivera-Vasquez

**Art Mural Club**

Starting January 2020. Application Deadline December 2, 2019. Stop by 106 and see Ms. G for an Application.
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